Naish Triad – Advantages of 3 Strut Kites

Naish Kiteboarding just introduced its newest kite, the Naish Triad 3-strut kite. If you spend most of your sessions on a 5 strut kite, read our Q&A with Naish’s Nate Korb to see why you might want to add Naish’s 3 strut Triad kite to your quiver.

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A lot of brands have come out with 3 strut kites. Why is Naish releasing its own 3 strut kite now?

As kite technology and design have advanced, brands have been able to produce high performance kites with less struts. We think the Naish Triad will be the new standard for easy handling, stability, and fun. With influences from the Pivot, we believe the Triad will push the Pivot into a true “High-Performance Freeride” category and become our brand’s all-around kite. The Triad is slightly more compact shape compared than the Pivot, and it will be easier for the everyday kiter to control and handle.

The Triad will excel with a twin tip, foil or directional. We believe that kite schools will appreciate the kite’s stable and forgiving design. It’s clearly more than just a Ride with a 3rd strut, it really is a whole new kite that we are confident will satisfy every freeride kiter.

Green Hat Kiteboarding - Naish Triad - 3 Strut Kite

What is the advantage of a 3 strut kite (Naish Triad)?

3 strut kites are lighter than 5 strut kites without a big sacrifice in stability. Lighter weight allows them to be flown  in lighter winds which is great for foiling, surfing, or freeriding for lighter people. Also, it packs small for travel.

What kind of rider will benefit from a 3 strut kite?

Every rider can benefit from 3 strut kites.  Whether you are looking for a high performance freestyle kite, a surf kite, freeride, or a hydrofoil option, 3 strut kites appear in a wide variety of offerings and shapes in today market. Naish Triad is a great all around 3 strut kite that will work well for all disciplines.
Green Hat Kiteboarding - Naish Triad - 3 Strut Kite

Do 3 strut kites do as well as 5 strut kites in high winds?

Definitely! As a rider that prefers to be a bit overpowered and kites in gusty conditions regularly, I have been flying 3 strut kites for the past 5 years. I’m always amazed at how well they handle gusty conditions.
Green Hat Kiteboarding - Naish Triad - 3 Strut Kite

Is the 3 strut kite easier to relaunch than a 5 strut kite?

In general, a 5 strut kite has more stability than a 3 strut kite and is easier to relaunch. However, when developing the Triad, the Naish design team moved the wingtip struts noticeably lower to create a strong and stable kite. The lowered wingtip helps improve relaunch and allows the kite to sit on its wingtip and be very stable while relaunching. The 3 strut Naish Triad isn’t necessarily easier to relaunch than other 5 strut kites, but it’s definitely not harder. 5 strut kite flyers won’t be disappointed with this kite’s ability to relaunch.

Which kite is Naish replacing with the new 3-strut Triad?

The new 3 strut Naish Triad is replacing the 2 strut Naish Ride. While the Ride was a great kite, Naish felt we could offer a more stable and user friendly kite by adding a third strut.  That third strut allowed us to move the outer struts much closer to wingtips, giving the Triad much better stability, improved relaunch and a more direct bar feel for improved turning ability.
Green Hat Kiteboarding - Naish Triad - 3 Strut Kite

Thanks to Nate for telling us about the new 2019 Naish Triad kite. If you have additional questions about the kite, please give us a call at 732-284-3800 or email us.

Kristin Vincenzo

A long time windsurfer, Kristin now spends her time agonizing over whether to kite with a twintip, kite surfboard or foilboard. So many places to kite, so little time!