Kite and Bar Compatibility: mixing and matching kites and bars

We get a lot of questions from customers about kite and bar compatibility, so we threw Vadim in front of a camera to provide some explanation!

In general, you can use any bar with any kite, but there are a couple points to consider:

1. Check the front line split, also known as the V or Y split. Although you can use a “low V” bar with a kite that was meant to be used with a high V bar and vice versa, it may affect the performance. The effect will vary with each kite, and you can only tell how much by actually trying the kite with the “wrong” bar. It may keep stalling and fly poorly, it may fly better, or you may not see any difference.

2. The line connections on the bar and kite have to match. This means that you have to have a knot for a loop and vice versa on the bar and kite. If you don’t have a bar that has adjustable pigtails on the end of the lines, you can purchase a set of universal pigtails–probably not a bad idea to have a set in your kite bag anyway.

For your reference, the following kites and bars have the same line connections and can be attached without the need to change pigtails:

– Outside knots on the bar: North (high V), Naish (low v), Ozone (low V) and Ocean Rodeo (low V)
– Outside loops on the bar: Cabrinha (low V), Slingshot (low V) and Core (high V)

Here’s Vadim to explain in more detail.

Give us a call if you have any questions about kite and bar compatibility at 732-284-3800.

Kristin Vincenzo

A long time windsurfer, Kristin now spends her time agonizing over whether to kite with a twintip, kite surfboard or foilboard. So many places to kite, so little time!