Cabrinha FX review: search for my perfect kite.

This past year I’ve been honored and grateful for team support from Green Hat Kiteboarding. Having joined right before their annual  Kitefest event in New Jersey, I was told to try out all the kites at the event and choose a brand and model to rep for in the upcoming season.
So, I ended up going tent to tent, trying pretty much every kite out there. My goal was to find a freestyle kite that was going to catch me for some softer landing of my most explosive trick – a back roll kiteloop (crowd pleaser). I actually tried this trick with every available kite that day. Almost broke my leg with a few kites on landings, and inconsistency pulled some off with others. Something was always missing. Until, I came across the Cabrinha FX.
It was the only model out of  many, including Cabrinha Switchblade, that I was able to pull the trick off smoothly and with ease. After consistently slaying about 5 or 6 loops, I was sold!

When returniCabrinha FX boostingng the kite to the Cabrinha tent, some random guy just decided to tell me the FX sucks at jumping. And that the Switchblade is the one to get if you like to boost. I didn’t try any boosting with the FX, so wasn’t quite sure what to make of these comments.

The deal was set and I was off with my two new Cabrinha FX’s. It took a few sessions to figure out what all the poor boosting fuss is about with these kites. At first, I was just trying to do the good ol’ easy way of sending and sheeting in to get the lofty jumps. But, this kite did not listen! My older Starkites were elevating machines. Sheet-in and you were instantly floating in an upward pull. The Cabrinha FX has none of that.
With more and more sessions under my belt, I adjusted my style, and started popping harder off the water at faster speeds as well as flying the kite a lot more aggressively. This is where the kite started to shine. The kite instantly gives you direct feedback and actually elevated the more movement it had. Once I had all the timing dialed, I got some of the biggest boosting airs in my 10 years of kiteboarding experience.

It’s even gotten to a point when after a load and pop, I get a bit too high to even consider a kiteloop, cause I’m terrified of the Cabrinha FX Kite Loopaggressiveness. The loop is a super powerful diagonal pull into the abyss. (I don’t megaloop). Maybe eventually I’ll get the guts enough to do a loop at over 10m elevation, but for now I’ll stick with my baby ones ?.
By the end of the season,  the Cabrinha FX helped me progress big time. These kites have made me a better, more aggressive kiter. They like to be whipped around a lot, but they sound and look so awesome while doing it. With that alone, my kite flying skills have improved. I’ve also managed to learn a few new tricks which I used to have trouble doing with my older kites. Bar pressure was a big relief as well. My previous kites were giving me kiters-elbow from the heavy pressure. Cabrinha FX is light on the bar which helped with adding a lot of style and flow into my riding (grabs, tweaks, etc). Messing around with unhooked tricks is a lot easier as well. Construction is legit too – I have had some bad crashes even slamming FXs on the beach and they are still in great shape with zero damage.
So overall, my stoke levels have risen 10 fold since getting my hands on these wings. I am so looking forward to 2019, to see where my level goes, if I keep myself in one piece!

Adrian Veras

Nyc/ Cabarete local, kiting since 2009. Founder of Northeast #kitelifecrew - most popular Kiteboarding FaceBook group in the North East. Loves freestyle and will always be a tweenie rider!