Everyday Kite Foiling: Kite Foiling on a wake skate (How To Video)

Kite Foiling on a wake skate is something we have heard more talk about then have actually seen. A few months back, there were some photos of Patrick Rebstock ripping around on a little skate deck. We also know that some of the team riders for Liquid Force have used them during travel.

So what’s the point? As foiling begins to grow in the kiteboarding world there is starting to be different “flavors” of kite foiling. Foiling on a wake skate is not something you will see with guys racing. There is a common misconception that foiling is for only people who want to race. This is just not true. Foiling with a wake skate is a freeride aspect of the sport. 

The main benefit of using a wake skate is that it is small and easy to travel with. You can pack a 144cm deck in any golf bag; once you take apart your foil and neatly pack that, you can sneak on any plan with no issues. Now you don’t need to worry about taking a big kite on vacation or getting skunked. Kite foiling on a wake skate is fun because it is small. It is also a cost effective solution to replacing a board or having another board in your quiver. 

measure for bolt placement foil mounted to wakeskate  Wakeskate Top of deck

Some of the challenges you will find are riding strapless; you might want to start this on your regular board. You will also notice that due to the small board with little volume it can be problematic at times to get up and riding in the sub 10mph range. We have found that when the wind is super light (like 8mph) the board has a tendency to sink instead of plan. You also may find that mounting the board is difficult.


Since we found that mounting the board was the hardest part, we made a video for you to watch (see below). Just some quick notes: make sure you get stainless steal mounting hardware. We had to put the bolts through the board bottom up. We also used a nut that had a claw that went into the wood. The base of the mast was mounted 7” to the back of the wake skate. Lastly, we used a piece of old deck pad to put in-between the foil and the board for some dampening.


Ian Koch is Green Hat's team rider. He has been kiteboarding for 5 years and has very diverse riding styles. He rides waves, freestyle, big air and hydrofoiling.