2016 Slingshot Gear is Here!

Slingshot released their 2016 line-up including a new kite, new kiteboard and a newly designed control bar. The 2016 kites all have a large easy pump inflation system and continue to have their bomb proof design.

Wave SST Kite

The Wave SST is Slingshots NEW pure surf dedicated kite. Its super fast turning, quick relaunch and surf tough seams will make this a top choice for wave riders.

Slingshot Wave SST

Refraction Kiteboard

The Refraction kiteboard is also new to the Slingshot lineup, and it comes in 2 different versions; the Sam light model and the Korilna Winkowska (female model). This is a top level freestyle board that has explosive pop, aggressive landings and great rail/ slider durability.

Slinsghot Refraction Sam LightSlinsghot Refraction Winkowska

Compstick Control Bar: Sentinel & Guardian

The Sentinel control bar is slingshots first above the bar de-power system control bar. It makes it very easy to adjust the trim of your kite even if you become overpowered. It also has and above the bar and below the bar swivel system. Slingshot has also added bungee keepers at the end of the bar to keep the lines secure after coiling your lines up.

The Guardian control bar is a below the bar de-power system, which has a cleaner above the bar look, but can be a little challenging to de-power for newer riders if the kite becomes very over powered. The Guardian control bar has an above the bar swivel and also has the bungee line keepers at the end of the bar.

Slingshot Sentinel Slingshot Guardian

The 2016 Slingshot Surfboards

The 2016 surfboards have some new tweaks and new color designs. The Celeritas returns as one of the most versatile surfboards on the market. If your looking for an aggressive down the line board, the Tyrant is back. The 2 surfboards with the T-rex design are the Screamer and Angry Swallow. All surfboards have the keyless fin system.

 Slingshot TyrantSlingshot Angry SwallowSlingshot Celeritas Slingshot Screamer

2016 Rally

The 2016 Slingshot Rally has some improved handling, features surf tough seams, direct connect pulleys bridles, and has the NEW quick inflation system.

Slingshot Rally

2016 Misfit

The Misfit is a great all around board that has a moderate rocker and stiff flex. It’s speed, grip, load and pop make this the perfect all around kiteboard.

Slingshot Misfit

2016 Asylum

The Asylum is a great kiteboard for freestyle riders looking to push the limits. It has an aggressive rocker, wide profile and provides massive pop. Slingshot Asylum

2016 Dually and Bolt-On Pads/ Straps

The Dually Pads/ Straps has 4 independent adjustment points and super cushy pads. These straps are super comfortable and will hold you in.

The Bolt Ons are a more basic pads/ straps setup that reduces the bulk and allows for a better fit. Unique to the Bolt ons, the strap mounts directly to the board for a solid, locked down feel.

 Slingshot Dually  Slingshot Bolt On