2016 Cabrinha Gear – See What’s NEW

2016 Cabrinha Gear

Well friends, it’s that time again when our favorite companies start to unveil the 2016 equipment. Each year we wonder what type of new gear is coming out or what changes are being made to our favorite kite design. When we look at the Cabrinha, one of the biggest companies in the industry, we can’t help to gaze in wonder and amazement.

So What is New with the 2016 Cabrinha Kites? 

For 2016, Cabrinha has 7 models to choose from when building the ultimate quiver. Right smack in the center is the 2016 Switchblade; this massive powerhouse packs a serious punch and is considered a freeride crossover kite. This kite is the #1 selling kite in the industry. This year Cabrinha is stating that the Switchblade has a thin/ lean entry profile that equates to more low-end power and better top end de-power. They are boasting that the kite has a pure power profiles that equals smooth and fast flight with a broader range of performance. The 2016 Switchblade also has some other mods that include modified bridle tuning, lighter bar pressure and a wingtip redesign. This might be the best 2016 Cabrinha kite for the average kiter out there.

The Cabrinha 2016 Switchblade being the center of all 2016 Cabrinha kites, moving toward the right side would be the surf kites and moving to the left would be the wake style/freestyle kites.

2016 Cabrinha Kite Chart

Surf Kites

Moving from the Switchblade, toward the surf direction we have the 2016 Radar. Cabrinha this year did some big improvements to the Radar. They are assuring us that it has auto relaunch, they state “your customers will not be able to keep it in the water.” This will be a great kite for guys/gals that are just learning but hoping to move toward the surfing discipline. It will excel for beginners and be a joy for above average riders. They are telling us that it has incredible turning speed with a great pivotal reaction on first input and light bar pressure, which means it’s easy on the arms.

For the folks that are looking for a pure surf kite the Drifter is your go to. This kite gives riders a pure surf feeling when in a wave. There were not a lot of updates on the Cabrinha Drifter this year. It is the same great kite with the same great attitude.

Freestyle Kites

If we head toward the freestyle kites we are looking at the FX and the Chaos. You probably already know about the FX, but if you don’t you need to! This kite is one of our new favorite kites at Green Hat Kiteboarding. If you purchased a kite when they came out, don’t fret. The only additions were new colors. Why is this kite so nice? Because, it loops like a dream! If you have been a Switchblade rider and are looking to step up your freestyle game then the FX needs to be on your list of kites to demo. If you are really trying to move to a straight wakestyle kite and get the podium finishes then the Cabrinha Chaos may be a good option for you. The Chaos also has its own 5 line bar that is new for 2016. The Chaos and FX both have insane pop, super fast looping and good line slack. The difference is the Chaos will have more line slack for handles passes and the FX will give you a better boost.

2016 Cabrinha FX2016 Cabrinha Chaos

Light Wind Kite

What about Light wind??? Well this year, believe it or not…Cabrinha is boasting that the 2016 Velocity is more of a light wind kite than the Contra. Both of these are considered freeride/crossover kites like the 2016 Switchblade but are different. The Velocity is a super light kite and excellent for foiling and racing. Due to the high aspect ration this kite is a massive boasting machine. Check out the video of the Velocity below and the review of the 2015 Velocity by clicking HERE. This kite was so successful last year they only changed the color.

Although the Velocity is super light the Contra will be better for most riders looking for light wind specific kites. The main difference is the Contra will relaunch better then the Velocity due to the aspect ratio.


This year Cabrinha finally moved away from the spring and strap, aka the Recoil system and moved to a clam cleat. For all you who are die hard Recoil folks they will still make it in the Overdrive 1X. But the buzz is about the Overdrive 1X Quicklite Trimloop (48-56cm), they are also making this bar in the standard non-adjustable 1X Quicklite Trimloop with 3 sizes (44,52,60cm). This is really exciting for us because the above the bar cleat is becoming industry standard. All the pros are using this!

2016 Cabrinha Trimlite 1X 2016 Cabrinha OverDrive Recoil 1X Adjustable

Do Not forget the Foilboard….YES!!!! we said a Foil!

Ok everyone. It is not a fad. Kite foiling is the real deal. Here at Green Hat we got the bug bad. Yes, it is hard. Yes, it is different. Yes, it is a little pricy. But it is an incredible feeling. The Cabrinha Double Agent foilboard is going to be fairly easy to learn on when we are looking at the big picture of foils. This is not a crazy race foil, it is a freeride foil that will be fun for everyone. The board has twin tip construction with low flotation which causes the shaft and wings to sit in the water and tends to improve the ability to water start. It is a medium length shaft which promotes easy riding. The shaft and wings are lighter than other aluminum options in the market. For 2016 Cabrinha decided that durability and ding resistance was important so they went with a PU wing construction. The fuselage and Shaft are welded together and fit in a golf bag for easy travel. The other great feature is that board converts to a surf skate w/ 4 fins. The package includes all you need; board, fins, straps and mounting hardware.

2016 Cabrinha Double Agent Foilboard

2016 Cabrinha Kiteboard line up

 Wow. If you didn’t lose us back in the kites and are actually still reading here is what you need to know about boards. There are 9 boards in the 2016 Cabrinha line this year. We cannot possibly review each at this time. However here is what we want to tell you. The 2016 line has some exclusive Cabrinha technology like Parobolic Rails. This is a raised and tapered rail shape that adds strength and reinforcements.

2016 Cabrinha Kiteboards

 The ACE, Custom and Tronic all have thick rails that also help with torsional stiffness and enhance flex control. It also keeps board weight to a minimum and provides increase in re-bound. The ACE, Custom, CBL, Tronic, Atom, XO and Double Agent are packing the Volcanic Basalt Construction. This stuff is from outer space. It is lighter weight + stronger than fiberglass. It is similar strength but more durable than carbon. This opens more flex and pop combination options. 


To find out all the other tech about the boards and surfboards you will need to check the Cabrinha website. Why? Because we have already geeked out enough and most likely lost your attention back at the 2016 Switchblade. For any other information please give us a ring 888-548-3001 or shoot us an email. Reviews will be coming shortly!


 Green Hat Team