Liquid Force Hydrofoil Kiteboard – Get your Foil Face ON!

Hydrofoil Kiteboard

“When you get up on the Hydrofoil, you get this Foil Face”  hydrofoil  kiteboard
Gary Siskar, Liquid Force

Ever since we got our first hydrofoil kiteboard here at Green Hat, time and time again we’ve experienced exactly what Gary is talking about. Foil face is a result of pure happiness which comes from achieving the ultimate dream that so many of us share. The dream of being able to freely float in the air. Hydrofoiling is as close as we’ve ever been to this dream. This state of happiness is somewhat similar to our first rides on a twin tip or first jumps with a kite. But this time it is even more intense and doesn’t seem to go away after months of riding.

Foiling in Light winds

Best of all, this dream can be experienced almost every day (at least in our area) since riding a Hydrofoil kiteboard does not require much wind. We’ve successfully been able to ride it in winds as low as 6 knots. As long as we can keep the kite in the air, riding upwind is no problem. Even a little sea breeze is enough to start having fun.

Liquid Force Hydrofoil kiteboard

Until now, Hydrofoil kiteboards have been custom made by a few small manufacturers and have been quite pricey. Last weekend at the Surf Expo in Orlando,  Liquid Force Kiteboarding revealed their plans to release an affordable and beginner friendly foil board. At about $1000 less than the competition, we are sure this will be a big hit.

The current estimated release date for the Liquid Force Hydrofoil kiteboard is Thanksgiving and we are taking PRE-ORDERs. Don’t miss out on the most exciting new way to kiteboard. We expect the first batch to be sold before it arrives. Pre-order yours today!
For a limited time only, we offer 1 hour FREE Lesson or 1 hour FREE post-sale phone consultation with the Pre-order.

Let us know what you think about Hydrofoiling and if you’re considering to try it. We will contact you as soon as they become available.

MHL Lift Hydrofoil kiteboard

If you can’t wait until Thanksgiving or would like a more high performance board, we have the MHL Lift Hydrofoils in stock now. These boards are custom made in US, they are super light (all carbon) and will offer the best hydrofoil performance on the market today. We’ve been riding the MHL Lift since the Spring and absolutely love it.