LF Foil Board – First Impressions

It has been a long wait, but the LF Foil boards are finally here! While we wait for some wind to ride this baby, here are our first impressions:

LF Foil Bag

LF Foil bagLF Foil bag

The foil comes disassembled and stored in a super nice, high quality bag with lots of padding and a separate compartment for each piece. It’s very well made, easy to use, and easy to carry. Huge benefit for travel.

LF Foil Construction

Liquid Force Foil Mast
Mast and Base
LF Foil Fuselage

Out of the bag, the Liquid Force Foil has a solid, quality feel. It consists of 5 separate pieces: Mast, Mast base, Fuselage, Front, and Back wings. Each piece can be replaced if broken or lost. The biggest difference here from all other foils we’ve seen on the market is that the mast base can detach from the mast. The mast is usually the most expensive part of a foil and the mast base is a significant stress point that is prone to breakage. This construction allows for an inexpensive repair if the mast base ever breaks.

LF Foil Mast
Mast (Top View)

Unlike most other foil kiteboards on the market today, the mast and fuselage of the Liquid Force foil are made out of forged aluminum. The mast is hollow with reinforcements inside while the fuselage is a solid piece. This adds a bit of the weight; however, both feel solid and durable.

Liquid Force Foil Front and back Wings
Front and back Wings

The current set of wings are made out of fiberglass. They also have a solid, durable feel to them and groves for secure connection to the fuselage. The front wing is low aspect ratio (wide and short). This allows it to plane at lower speeds and makes this foil more beginner friendly. We were told that there were plans to have higher performance carbon wings in the future.

LF Foil Assembly

Putting the Liquid Force foil together is fairly straightforward. All the screws and tools needed (allen key, wrench, etc.) as well as basic assembly instructions are included in the package. Some of the screws go in a little tight the first time, but it was not an issue.

Note: when attaching the fuselage to the mast, the wider side faces the front.

LF Fish vs MHL Lift

Liquid Force Fish and MHL List Foils
Liquid Force Fish and MHL List Foils

Since we have not tried the Liquid Force Foil on the water yet, this is just a look and feel comparison. In summary, the MHL foil is noticeably lighter since it’s made fully out of carbon while the Liquid Force Foil feels more durable and solid. The base of the mast is a separate piece on the LF foil while it’s a part of the mast on the MHL. Also, the MHL Lift wings have a significant concave while the LF Foil wings are almost flat.

Comparison spreadsheet:

MHL Lift vs LF Fish foil comparison.
MHL Lift vs LF Fish foil comparison.

Availability of the Liquid Force Foil

Although our first batch of these has been fully pre-sold. We are due for the second batch at the beginning of January and only a few of these have been claimed so far. All pre-orders made by the end of the year will qualify for a free 1 hour lesson. If you’re not local, we offer free unlimited post-sale advice/consultation and will help you learn anyway we can.

Order LF FoilWhy should you be excited about Liquid Force Foil board?

Liquid Force Foil bag
Liquid Force Foil

Hydrofoiling is simply awesome! It can be compared to flying or snowboarding in powder and is very addicting. Light wind performance of hydrofoils makes it possible to ride and have fun in super marginal conditions and on a smaller kite. In addition to all this, foils are the most efficient sailing vessels on the water. With almost no drag, the upwind angle and speed is unmatched by any other type of board. This allows freedom of being able to go in any direction you want , fast and without much effort. The combination of the amazing light wind and upwind performance makes hydrofoil kiteboards the ultimate race machines. Hydrofoils are opening up opportunities to organize and run successful racing events where it wasn’t possible before. Foil races are popping up all over the country. It is the future of kiteboarding!

Until now, price point was the number one reason for people to hold off on getting a hydrofoil kiteboard. The Liquid Force Foil Fish kiteboard is the first budget hydrofoil board on the market. At $1599 retail for the complete setup, it will actually save you money on a light wind setup, since you will never need another expensive 17m light wind kite again.

This board has strong potential to bring hydrofoiling into mainstream kiteboarding, to change the market and the sport.

We can’t wait to ride it!

Stay tuned… will report back as soon as we do…

UPDATE (12/26/14): Read our full Liquid Force Foil review.