2014 Slingshot Turbine VS Best TS Lightwind Kite Review

Slingshot Turbine Vs Best TSUnlike traditional lightwind kites the 2014 Slingshot Turbine and the 2014 Best TS Lightwind kite are designed for performance. Many other lightwind kites are for just cruising back and forth, also known as mowing the lawn. Which for most riders just isn’t exciting enough.

Slingshot and Best Kiteboarding, have concentrated on making light wind kites that can still be used as performance kites. You can jump with these kites, they turn fast, and have the characteristics of a 12m kite.

Key Features For the Slingshot Turbine

2014 slingshot turbine

The Slingshot Turbine will keep you upwind easily and also provide plenty of power for jumps and other tricks, even at very low winds. The Turbine was the easier kite to relaunch in light winds. It is very stable and has good low end direct power.

Slingshots 3 strut “open Delta-C” design delivers unlimited high end performance for all wind conditions. This 3 mini strut design makes the turbine lighter and more versatile, while keeping the same characteristics of a 5 strut kite.

Key Features For the Best TS Lightwind

2014 Best TS LightwindNew for the 2014 Best TS Lightwind; the wing tips have been modified for faster turning, the canopy has been enhanced for better stability, and the reactive micro bridle offers responsive handling and great upwind ability. The Best TS lightwind, like all 2014 Best kites, uses the Twist lock inflation system, so you can pump your kite up faster and easier. This is a big advantage when pumping up large lightwind kites.

What could be better about the Best TS Lightwind

The Best TS lightwind is not the easiest kite to relaunch in super light winds, but intermediate and advanced riders will have the skills need to get the kite back in the air.

What could be Better about the Slingshot Turbine

The depower trim lines on the Slingshot Compstick Bar can be difficult to to trim if the kite is really powered up.